Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Google Maps on Nintendo's WiiU- A Refreshing View

As early adopters of most things technological, we love being on the edge of the latest consumer trends.  When Nintendo's WiiU arrived on the market last year, we bought one knowing that the supporting software was not quite up to the consumer's or to Nintendo's expectations.

Nintendo, at least in our experience, has always delivered products and innovations far ahead of its counterparts.  Not only does it deliver, it does so with impeccable class and style from design to the finished product.  Nintendo has always seemed to care more about maintaining a strong reputation for excellence than it has in producing quantity.  So, as a consumer, I know that if I buy Nintendo anything, I can't go wrong- because the stuff is also easy and FUN to use!

Knowing that updates would take place in the future, the future is now and Nintendo sent its latest update in the form of Google Maps.  Licensed by Google to Nintendo, Google Maps can now be fully interactive using Nintendo's state-of-the-art controller which incorporates the same gyroscopic technology seen in smartphones.  Here are some videos we shot using Google Maps on WiiU- you can see how much fun it is to just explore our worlds in the comfort of our living rooms, seeing places that maybe we would never have the chance to see.  Check it out for yourself!

Video #1 was shot with an iPhone 4.
Video #2 was shot with a Google Nexus 4.

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