Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Body Electric

Body Electric

Turn on my Body Electric,
come-- brush against my quarks,
a chemistry explosively 
revealed after dark.

I wish to be your lightning rod,
come ZAP! me in delight,
come in, explore, there's so much more,
find vision without sight.

So long, I've searched through galaxies,
and foraged through a maze
of lifeless, empty energy
forced stunted by a haze.

Get warped, consume my juicy space,
take journeys in my mind,
wrap warm lips around every
particle you can find.

-Gabrielle Cianfrani  2008

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fly With Me

Fly With Me

Dancing alone, my eyes gleaming toward
starry, wondrous sky;
Twirling in counter-clockwise
Arms extended, hands reaching
opposite corners of the universe—
Fingertips longing for delightful taste,

Wishing for Love to raise me,
Toes lifting off soft, green
Where separations fuse,
detachment evaporates like intense
Summer storm, quickly dissipating
into atmospheric tranquility.

Finding you, dancing alone;
A unique rhythm guiding your feet—
not unlike my own,
flitting steps;
Do you wish, as I, to know one song?
All along, designs were
placed, creating a masterpiece-
Universal ecstasy for our pleasure.

Fly with me,
I’ll meet you high above the clouds,
contentedly abandoning loneliness—
Intermingling independent movement,
weaving our heart’s strings—
a new tune—
Together, we soar.

-Gabrielle Cianfrani 2007