Friday, May 20, 2011


A woman sits
smiling eyes, staring,
a world of idealism
wishing, yearning--
Tattered memories
deny love's loss; however,
Truth knows not of denial.
Find her heart
buried beneath tarnished walls--
silver-plated dreams.
Passive feelings,
floating through skeleton halls
skimming sweetness but,
falling short of
materialized love.
Success in relations of
heart's joy,
futile desires, efforts.
Visions fade
becoming cataracts
of mind's eye.
lips stretch ear
to ear;
nose turns upward
in the face of destiny;
Musky odors of man
envelop insecurities,
as Truth, again,
must yield to
azure skies
glimmering with hope.

6 Feb 97

1 comment :

  1. Dear Jungle Girl GC,
    Your are an exceptional poet, along with your many other virtues.
    Dr RSH