Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Young Lovers (For L.E.)

Her naked body glistens in moonlight-
Morning dew envelopes supple, sweet skin;
Heat rising, escape the clothes I am in!
Beside her I lie, hidden from all sight.
Twist, bend, stretch'd legs toward crimson lips-
Part gently Love's door to heavenly bliss;
Extend warm tongue to meet her with a kiss;
Slipping slowly inside, warm fingertips.
Hummingbird extracting sweet nectar, deep
Penetrate, seizing the budding, pink stone,
Kindly pinch, tease, leave the flower alone;
Steal away quickly, their secret to keep.
Folded, concealed in her love's mad embrace,
Kiss warm tenderness- the lips on her face. 

-Gabrielle Cianfrani 2003

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